Artisan Pizza, Po'boys and more! 
Tooloulou (the Cajun word for crab) is a neighborhood place that features artisan pizza, po'boys and a rotating menu of prepared goods. Call ahead, dine here (limited seating available), or grab-n-go

We have ice cream from Prigel Family Creamery to make milkshakes and floats! Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry + a flavor of the week! 

specials 4/24/14
(available after 5pm)

mexican style tortilla soup with pork and green chilies

mac n' cheese - bay scallops, sweet english peas, tomato cream sauce, and parmesan reggiano

market pizza - rabbit confit with duck fat, fresh english peas, grilled leeks, pesto, and fresh mozzarella

prigel ice cream flavor - key lime pie

Pizzas 12" or 16"

Tooloulou - white sauce, crab, Andouille sausage, sweet peppers, banana peppers, mozzarella and a sprinkle of Old Bay $14/$17

Shrimp Pesto - Pesto sauce, shrimp, sundried tomato and mozzarella $14/$17

Smoked Duck - Tomato sauce, house smoked duck, caramelized onion, sweet peppers, and goat cheese. Drizzled with balsamic reduction $14/$17

Tooloulou Margherita - Pesto sauce, tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella $12/$15

Italian Cold Cut - Tomato sauce, prosciutto, Italian salami, sweet peppers, and aged asiago

Veggie - White sauce, spinach, capers, mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella $13/$16

Spicy Sausage - Tomato sauce, house made spicy sausage, black olives, and aged asiago $14/$17

Farmer's Market Pie - Changes seasonally. Ask for details

Cheese Pie - You choose the sauce, you choose the cheese...we make it for you! $11/$13

Build your own $11/$13
Available toppings:
Meats - crab, bacon, Andouille sausage, house made spicy sausage, prosciutto, pepperoni, Italian salami, gator, shrimp, smoked duck $2/$3 each
Veggies - Mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, roasted cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, banana peppers, caramelized onion, black olives, spinach $1/$2 each

Po'Boy Salad - mixed greens topped with roasted cherry tomoatoes, onion, spicy Cajun pickles, and your choice of blackened catfish, fried shrimp, fried oysters, gator or tofu. Served with side of remoulade $10
Tooloulou Chop Salad - crispy romaine, roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted pimento peppers, banana peppers, hard boiled egg, and bacon with house made gorgonzola bleu cheese dressing $10
Add Italian Cold Cuts $3
Add grilled steak or grilled shrimp $5

Dijon Mustard Cole Slaw - napa cabbage and pickled carrots tossed in Dijon mustard vinaigrette $2.50/$3.50
Maw Maw's Potato Salad - Its a secret recipe, but we think you'll love it $2.50/$3.50
French Fries - House cut and sprinkled with Old Bay (just ask and we'll hold the Old Bay) $2.50
Collard Greens $2.50/$3.50
Veggie Greens - $2.50/$3.50
Dirty Rice - Made with ground beef, garlic, and onion $2.50/$3.50
Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuit - $2.50
Zapp's Potato Chips - assorted flavors $1.25

Kids Menu
(for ages 10 and under)
Cheese Pizza $5
Grilled Cheese $4
T-Boy - Ham on French bread. Dress it how you like $5

Po'boys - A Louisiana style sub served on French bread. All Po'boys are "dressed proper" with lettuce, tomato, spicy Cajun pickles and Tabasco remoulade
Fried Shrimp $9
Fried Oyster $11
Veggie (fried tofu, mushrooms, and shredded pickled carrots. Dressed proper) $8
Blackened Catfish $9
Gator (grilled or fried) $11
Roast Beef (house made roast beef and gravy. Dressed proper) $9
Coca-cola Ham $8
Grilled Steak $9


Coca-cola Baked Ham - topped with honey butter and Dijon mustard cole slaw. Served on jalapeno and cheddar biscuit $8

Steak Sandwich - Flank steak grilled to order. Topped with fresh arugula and caramelized shallot and goat cheese spread. Served on French bread $9

Veggie Sandwich - Roasted red pepper, sauteed mushrooms, and spinach. Topped with caramelized shallot and goat cheese spread and served on house made focaccia bread $8

Muffaletta - Tooloulou's take on the New Orleans' classic with prosciutto, pepperoni, and Italian salami. Topped with aged provolone and olive tapenade. Heated and served on house made focaccia bread $9

10 to an order. Choose from mild, buffalo, triple x, and Old Bay $8

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